Common linnet

Carduelis cannabina

Interesting facts: The common linnet is distinctive with its bright red breast and forehead. It is a bird typically found in cultured areas. It feeds almost exclusively on seeds from herbaceous plants. The species also raises its young primarily on seeds from wild herbaceous plants and crop plants. If an inexperienced cuckoo lays its egg in a common linnet nest, the young bird starves as a result of the incorrect diet.

Characteristics: The males in mating colours have a red forehead patch and red breast; the females are non-descript, without red, plumage striped brownish; wings with distinctive white parts; tail forked at the end, hops mechanically on the ground

Body length: Less than 20 cm (sparrow length)

Distribution: open landscape structures with hedges and copses, heath, barren hillside with juniper, but also gardens and parks