Spotted woodpecker

Dendrocopos major

 Interesting facts: The audible drumming in spring serves as a mating call and for territory marking. It is generated by the resonance of brittle branches. Its powerful pecking also allows it to build a hollow and search for insects. The spotted woodpecker hammers an anvil, which it uses to crack nuts, pine cones and hard-shelled beetles. Anyone wanting a spotted woodpecker to visit their garden must leave some dead wood on their trees.

Characteristics: Highly contrasting black-white plumage with bright red undertail coverts; males with a red cap on the back of the head (the whole crown is red in young birds), this is missing in females; powerful beak, straight and grey; tail tip clearly wedge-shaped; undulating flight

Body length: 20 to 30 cm (blackbird length)

Distribution: The most common and widely distributed woodpecker in Central Europe; all types of woodland, parks and gardens, even in town centres